Twangstock! I didnt go thru all this to give up now! Twangstock is back and so am I! The first Twangstock happened after I had a Heart Attack. The next follows my Double Bypass. Me & Strange But Surf will be there and so will a dozen or so Surf bands in NYC to shake up the city! Be there! It’s Free! Respond going now…

The idea is to bring all the nice people we play with together to hang a little longer than the few minutes we pass each other in the clubs. Otto’s may not be my backyard, but it is home for so many of us in the NYC Music World and it is the center of all things Surf Music thanks to Unsteady Freddie and his monthly Surf Rock Shindig. It is my goal to survive & recover from the operation to play amongst the best Surf Music artists in the world. Wish me luck and see you there in NYC on June 3rd & 4th! Twang On… Marbles Mahoney