The Bio…

Artist, Web Designer, Musician, Writer, Blogger, Hot Rodder, Scooterist & Problem Solver.

Angelo J. Liguori

  • AKA Marbles Mahoney
  • Website/Graphics Designer
  • Studied at SUNY Farmingdale
  • Went to Sanford H. Calhoun High School
  • Lives in Brentwood, New York
  • From Brooklyn, New York
  • Single
  • Photography: Angelo J. Liguori


Angelo rescued Redrum from a shelter after 3 years of captivity there. It is debatable who rescued who. There is only one rule to always remember about Red. DO NOT PICK HIM UP. You can see why in the photo at the right. Otherwise he is very lovable and loyal companion to Angelo…

Location: Plainview, NY
Breed: Miniature Pincher
Photography: Kyle Sherman


Angelo rides a Vespa. A 2019 Vespa Primavera 150. It goes 65 mph and gets 100 mpg. He has owned Motorcycles but prefers the simple Italian Scooter that started in 1949. This particular Vespa was recovered from being stolen from its original owner. Angelo is President & Founder of The Hornets Scooter Club of Long Island. It was established in 1999 to bring Long Island’s Scooter lovers together. In 2021 he started The Long Island Vespa Club. They meet every Sunday to Scoot On…

Photography: Angelo J. Liguori

Strange But Surf

Angelo plays in a Surf Rock band called “Strange But Surf” under the pseudonym “Marbles Mahoney”. He sings, plays Guitar, Bass & Drums. He has composed many songs for them and recorded 3 albums so far. They have opened for The B-52s, Los Lonely Boys & more. They are probably getting ready for their next show right now…

Check them out on Facebook

“The Rev”

Angelo plays a 2018 Reverend Eastsider S
Photography: Angelo J. Liguori

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