I announced on Facebook that I was blocking some people. Only a few. I have been careful about who I am friends with on Facebook since I started a new profile over a year ago. However I also run a Scooter Club. 2 of them in fact. I also play in a band. This makes me kinda a public figure and many people want to contact me. I have over 10K followers on The Hornets Scooter Club FB page. Some however want to do more than just contact me. Some do not want to contact me at all. They do not respond to my contacts or events or even simply “like” my posts. Some just simply have bad intentions.

I have met some wonderful people from these projects of mine. So many kind people come see my band play and the other bands are always nice to me and my band. There is no competition or jealousy shown. My band has dealt with every kind of issue you can imagine and we are still close as family and feel part of a larger community. However being the leader of a Scooter Club is not always a bowl of cherries. Any Leader is a target for sure and I knew this from the start, 24 years ago. During that time we have had a few insurrections. For most of those years I left the club and myself open to anyone that wanted to join.

Open & free is how I like things to be. The Internet has not allowed this. Some things like Facebook are too open and too free. They keep changing the rules to make even more so. This degrades our Privacy. Last year a couple of members abused this concept and tried to take over The Hornets. They failed. In doing so, they caused a lot of Drama and many friendships were hurt badly.

I am a Christian man and forgiveness is part of that whole scene. I am here to admit that I can not forgive some people and I do not have the energy to deal with them anymore. So they are getting Blocked. It isnt the worst of punishments, Butt he best weapon I have is Karma. If I do not have faith in forgiveness, I have faith in Karma.

I do these things to make other people happy. I have a hard time make myself happy, so making others happy works for me. What doesnt work for me is the classic “smile to my face and stab me in the back”. What doesn’t work for me is people calling my friends and telling lies about me. I am going to let Karma do my dirty work and enjoy the silence I will get from Blocking these jerks, so I can,

Carry On… Marbles Mahoney

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