The Double M Update…

What a long strange trip it has been. It is not over, by far. Scary health crisis’ aside, there is a lot going on in the M world. The health thing is still the major story with me, however. I am getting stronger everyday, but it is slow. I am increasing my psychical activity, which is a double edged sword. One one hand I feel the strength from the exercise and on the other hand it tires me out. So a gentle balance of exercise and rest has naturally occurred. I could not push it any harder if I wanted to. That being said, I have signed up and been approved to use the gym at work. Basic Treadmill and minor exercise is all I will be doing, only a few minutes at a time. My array of wounds are still healing okay. The one on my Leg is still bothering me and taking its time healing. I will be checking in with the doctors on that later this week.

The Physical changes are many. They range from Diet & Cooking to Regularly taking Medications & slowing down. It has been a challenge. Those challenges are also a Mental change too. It is not easy. None of this has been easy. I just make it look that way. My Brain does not fully grasp the concept of being sick easily. There are days when I do not want to bother taking pills and giving myself injections. It has been almost 6 months that I have been living a changed lifestyle. Am I better off? They tell me, I am. I can tell you that I felt better before all this happened to me. The small progress that I do make, however is keeping me interested and hopeful. If I didnt see any progress, I may not be so pro-active with my recovery. It is the way I am.

Another change is in the air. It isnt easy to explain, but I will try. While in the hospital, it became clear what projects I am involved with are the ones that make me happy. Some of my projects do not always make me happy. I realize even more now than ever, how short life is. I do not want to waste time on projects or people that are on board with what makes me happy. What I want… What a concept. I have always lived my life for what other people want. So, the change over to making what I want a priority is a rather big one. Its hard to not feel selfish or single minded. Everything is on the table right now. Do I keep doing this? Do I keep doing that? Does this or that make me happy?

One project that rose to the top while I was in the hospital contemplating life was my music. It always was sort of a hobby to me, but i realize now, it is much more. The fact that I may not be able to play like I used to, really scared me. That surprised me. I always took it for granted. In looking back I have worked harder on my band Strange But Surf than any other project in my life. From our infamous beginnings to our many many comebacks, it has endured. It has also made me and many others happy. A win win situation. Before I went to the hospital we recorded a new album. I insisted we do this, because I predicted that I would not be able to do it after. I was right. I can still play, but recording can be a grueling task. The recording came out amazing and my playing was noted as being the best I ever did. That is because it was a matter of life & death. The Album is being mastered as we speak and will be available in a few weeks for Twangstock.

Speaking of my Projects. TWANGSTOCK. My Music Festival is now in NYC at Otto’s Shrunken Head. A vast and huge undertaking. I could not do this without the help of Unsteady Freddie. He has been a champion of Surf Music forever and is THE authority on the music. We combined forces to turn his monthly Surf Rock Shindig in June into a 2 day Shindig called Twangstock. Originally Twangstock started in my backyard in Levittown and went on for ten years. Moving up to clubs as as grew, but it came to a halt when Covid hit. Now it is back and as an Artist I always have to out do myself, so now it is in NYC at one of the greatest Tiki Bars in the world. I also have to thank all the bands that have joined up to make this happen. Here is the 411 on Facebook…

I will end this off, with this… I am engineering another one of my comebacks, but this one will be major. Please stay tuned, be supportive (because those that are not will get the boot out of my life forever) and, Carry On… Marbles Mahoney


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