The Buzz. Vol.2 #1 – 5/3/23

The Buzz Is Back…

Our Newsletter took a break over the winter months. As a Scooter Riding club in NY it is inevitable that the weather intrudes on our swarms. This year we had a few other things to deal with. I (Marbles Mahoney) went and had Open Heart Surgery, a double Bypass to be exact. That kinda kicked me in the ass (well, the chest, LOL) and that cut back on all my activities including Blog writing. I want to thank everyone for their support, their hospital visits and love during this difficult time. We truly are a family. I am OK and have been cleared to ride by my doctors! Yay!

Marbles Mahoney. Founder & President.

The Swarm Is Back…

We tried to start swarming again a few weeks ago, but the weather was still a factor. We think it was divine intervention to let Marbles heal some more. April Showers bring May Scooters, or something like that. To that end, here is the new event for our first swarm of the year. The weather is going to hit 70 degrees!

We will be at our usual spot, Town bagel in Plainview at 10am. be ready to ride. Our destination is unknown. Our favorite destination. Dust off that Scooter, its time to Swarm! If Marbles can do it after being split open like a Lobster, so can you! See you there and then!

T-Shirts Are Back…

T-Shirts are back too. A splendid group of options are being offered with many different colors and styles. Show your pride for Long Island’s only Scooter Club that matters. All profits go to support our club.

Click here to get yours now!

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